Work Examples

Pools, Patios & Pergolas

Pool Construction

You can’t have a home in Central Florida without a swimming pool, and our skilled tradesmen will work with you every step of the way to create the pool of your dreams, whether you are looking for a full-sized swimming pool for the whole family, or perhaps a smaller jacuzzi-style pool, perfect for evenings and the cooler months of the year.

Patio Construction

Let JM Construction breathe new life into your backyard with the addition of a custom patio area, including tile, brick, and concrete cleaning & repair, grout work, and more. Whether you are looking to fix up or redesign an existing patio, or begin a custom patio from scratch, our knowledgeable team has the training and experience required to take your patio to incredible new heights.


Do you have pergola plans? We can help! A pergola provides an additional layer of aesthetic beauty and functionality to your outdoor patio, the perfect accent to your new backyard patio. Adorn your pergola with flowers and clinging vines for a breathtaking and unique addition. We can craft your custom pergola using a variety of wood types and stain colors.